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February 20, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

The risk of Love: Lent 2 Spiritual Reflection

Ian Mobsby led the reflection in Lent 2 looking at the issue of risk and and love in the context of contemporary culture. We reflected on a quote from Jean Vanier.

To the poverty of our human minds the possibility of a destiny conceived by God, and freedom, seem contradictory. Yet it is not so. For the wisdom of God and God’s respect for each person is so great, that a destiny of ultimate fulfilment, and individual freedom, are gently married, and the glory of God and of creation flows from this union. God has the secret of loving us to freedom, inviting us to share in the creativity of love. Because so many of us have experienced a love coming from parents – or others – that is stifling or crippling or possessive, it is difficult to believe we are loved by a love that brings us to freedom, and that God’s plan goes far beyond the wonder and beauty of the creation we know … Yes the deepest song of everything in creation reflects the unity of the Trinity: three persons poured out in love for one another.

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