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September 22, 2008 @ 12:44 pm

Experiencing the L’arche Community

larche.gifToday's Big Questions Interview explores the experiences of Jonny Spoor, in his time at the L'arche Community in Trosly-Breuil, an hour outside of Paris.  In an interview with Ian Mobsby, Jonny explores the spirituality that lies behind the work of L'arche, and how it has impacted his belief and life as a participant in two Emerging/Fresh Expressions of Church in London and York.  Jonny helps us to face some of the issues concerning being human in the 21st century.

L’Arche is based firmly on Christian roots. We try to help all our members to develop their own spiritual life. In a divided world, L'Arche aims to be a sign of hope and unity. We are Communities of faith in the Christian tradition. We welcome people of all faiths or none. Whatever people believe about God we welcome and respect them. People in our Communities come from different cultures, countries, religious groups and faiths. Everyone is encouraged to deepen their faith, following their own traditions. Some L’Arche members belong to particular churches. We encourage them to attend their local places of worship. Each Community invites people come together to pray and celebrate if they wish. Local priests and ministers often help us to shape and guide our worship. Members with learning disabilities sometimes have special needs when it comes to worship. We try to help them feel fully involved and experience God for themselves. Some of them may not easily understand words. We use music, gesture and mime in prayers and services.

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