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February 11, 2014 @ 12:40 pm

End of the day Wellbeing Prayer and changes planned for the Moot Community Podcast

For this Moot podcast we again want to share some of our online prayer resources. Last year we shared the Morning Wellbeing Prayer for use at the beginning of the day, this time it is the wellbeing prayer at the end of the day. This way of praying is particularly good if you have problems with stress, anxiety or depression. Also to give you the heads up, we will be shortly moving the feed for these podcasts from our podbean site, to the site. If you have any problems you may need to resubscribe to the mootuk podcast through itunes or another podcast index. We hope to continue to offer this podcast for free for the years to come. If you experience any form of technical difficulty, or would like to support moot with a financial donation, please email Thanks for subscribing to the Moot Community Podcasts.

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