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October 25, 2010 @ 8:22 pm

Ancient Faith Future Mission: New Monasticism and Fresh Expressions of Church


In December 2010, the long awaited second book in the series Ancient Faith Future Mission is published in the UK by Canterbury Press on the whole area of New Monasticism and Fresh Expressions of Church.This book will have chapters from Shane Claiborne, Tessa Holland, Graham Cray, Andy Freeman, Diane Kershaw, Ian Mobsby, Ray Simpson, Ian Adams, Tom Sine, Philip Roderick, Mark Berry and Abbot Stuart Burns.

In this podcast Ian Mobsby reads an extract from his contribution to the book.  There will be two launch events in January 2011 for the book, the first in London and the second we hope in Manchester.  Information on both will be put on the Fresh Expressions website, and New Monasticism Network site

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