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September 28, 2008 @ 5:19 pm

Part 1: Tom Sine - Travelling in Turbulent Times & Imagination for the future

Tom Sine international author, researcher and speaker, led a homily and discussion in the Moot Evening Alt Compline service tonight. He explored the implications of the current global economic slowdown and its affects on the poor, and for those under 40 who are attempting to make their way in life.  In particular he explored the depressing realities around house ownership, and the issue of sustainability.  The housing model of the nucleur family is just not sustainable or possible anymore.  Increasingly Christians need to explore another way, or rather re-imagine community and intentional community as the outworking of reduced carbon foot print and the sharing of resources.  There’s a lot in here, so enjoy.  This is part one of two podcasts recorded this evening.

For information on the book, or to place an order, click here

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