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Being the People of Peace a Lenten reflection by Aaron Kennedy

17th Feb 13. Comments

Lent 5: Call and response by Vanessa Elston

30th Mar 12. Comments

Lent 4: A door has been opened and a room prepared by Vanessa Elston

23rd Mar 12. Comments

lent 3: Hunger and Thirst

18th Mar 12. Comments

Lent 2: Loosing and finding ourselves in the desert by Vanessa Elston

7th Mar 12. Comments

Lent 1: Invitation to silence, soltitude and human becoming by Vanessa Elston

1st Mar 12. Comments

Grace, Trust and Spiritual Surrender - Giving Up for Lent (5of6)

13th Apr 11. Comments

Transcending the Ego and Dying to Self (4of6) Moot ‘Giving up for Lent’ Course

9th Apr 11. Comments

Reflections on Giving up for Lent by Vanessa Elston, a Moot Podcast Xtra

2nd Apr 11. Comments

Giving up or Lent - Spiritual Practices that bring life (3of6)

30th Mar 11. Comments