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Charles Eisenstein, the gift economy part 1

29th Sep 12. Comments

Christianity that reaches beyond dualistic tribalism and consumption, a dialogue with Richard Rohr

17th Jun 11. Comments

Finding happiness - reaching beyond the ego, the place of virtues, spiritual practices and postures

2nd May 10. Comments

The Significance and Practices of Franciscan Spirituality with a leading Friar

12th Mar 10. Comments

Radical discipleship, further reflections by Martin Newell

2nd Mar 10. Comments

Wisdom from Jean Vanier

5th Feb 10. Comments

Shane Claiborne, New Monasticism and living out hope

19th Dec 09. Comments

Direct action, a spirituality and faith that costs

21st Oct 09. Comments

Identity & Taboo

13th Jul 09. Comments

What sort of Church will emerge to engage with the challenge of a post-Christian world?

15th Mar 09. Comments