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The coming of God, Christ Mass and the incarnation

25th Dec 11. Comments

Advent 3, Do not be afraid to respond to love by Ian Mobsby

12th Dec 11. Comments

Advent 2, Risk, peace and the undefended life by Vanessa Elston

10th Dec 11. Comments

The Undefended Life: following God, Trinity and Leadership by Simon Walker (2of3)

10th Sep 11. Comments

The Undefended Life: Liberation from fear through love (1of3) by Simon Walker

1st Sep 11. Comments

Baptism in the waters of incarnation by Pádraig Ó Tuama

10th Aug 11. Comments

Christianity that reaches beyond dualistic tribalism and consumption, a dialogue with Richard Rohr

17th Jun 11. Comments

Contemplative Fresh Expressions: ‘Postsecular spiritual questers an opportunity for mission’(3of4)

3rd Jun 11. Comments

Giving up or Lent - Spiritual Practices that bring life (3of6)

30th Mar 11. Comments

Camel’s aren’t easy to ride let alone through a needle

20th Mar 11. Comments