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Returning to first principles, the Trinity in contemporary spirituality and mission by Ian Mobsby

13th Oct 12. Comments

Johnston McMaster: Living in tomorrow’s world - globalisation and beyond

25th May 12. Comments

Lent 5: Call and response by Vanessa Elston

30th Mar 12. Comments

lent 3: Hunger and Thirst

18th Mar 12. Comments

Lent 1: Invitation to silence, soltitude and human becoming by Vanessa Elston

1st Mar 12. Comments

Endurance and the Challenge to the Moot Community

28th Sep 11. Comments

The Undefended Life: the Church, business and London riots by Simon Walker (3of3)

16th Sep 11. Comments

The Undefended Life: following God, Trinity and Leadership by Simon Walker (2of3)

10th Sep 11. Comments

The Undefended Life: Liberation from fear through love (1of3) by Simon Walker

1st Sep 11. Comments

Baptism in the waters of incarnation by Pádraig Ó Tuama

10th Aug 11. Comments