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End of the day Wellbeing Prayer and changes planned for the Moot Community Podcast

11th Feb 14. Comments

Sacraments and discipleship

13th Jan 14. Comments

Lost and Found, the deep truth of Christianity

22nd Sep 13. Comments

Misunderstanding Competition in the New Testament of the bible by Ian Mobsby

20th Aug 13. Comments

The Kin-dom of God by Ian Mobsby

21st Jul 13. Comments

Caffeine for the Soul, launch address for the Host Cafe by Peter Owen Jones

29th Nov 12. Comments

Ian Mobsby: birthing a new monastic missional community in Central London

9th Nov 12. Comments

Rowan Williams: the place of the religious life in the Church in its new and traditional forms

2nd Nov 12. Comments

Developing the gift economy by Charles Eisenstein Part 2

28th Oct 12. Comments

The challenge of real discipleship by Johnny Sertin

21st Oct 12. Comments